Bobcats Host Showcase at Bird Arena

The Bobcats hosted their first ever showcase at Bird Arena this past weekend. Teams that attended included: Liberty University, Rowan University, Virginia Tech University, University of Dayton, and University of Louisville.

The Bobcats started by facing off against 17th ranked Virginia Tech on Friday afternoon. With high offensive pressure, the Bobcats were able to capitalize on 8 of 46 shots against the Hokies. #11 Matt Wurst produced 3 assists, while #18 Mason Schmitt (7) and #9 Dominic Visalli (8) pocketed 2 goals a piece in the 8-1 victory.

On Saturday, the Bobcats faced off against 6th ranked Rowan University. This was the first game between the two teams since the Bobcats knocked the Profs out of the Southeast Regional tournament last March. The Bobcats showed determination after blowing a 3-1 lead in the third period by coming back to win 4-3. This was another big game for #17 CJ Hoy, who put up 3 points (21).

The Bobcats took the ice with 2nd ranked Liberty University on Sunday. This resulted in their first regulation loss of the season, 8-3. The Flames showed relentlessness in front of the net as they buried on many loose opportunities.

The Bobcats are looking to bounce back next weekend as they play a pair of league games against Wright State University and Bowling Green State University.

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