Welcome to the Family

The Ohio Division Two Hockey team would like to welcome and introduce the newest members of the Bobcat Hockey family. First, we would like to introduce Annie Weber who will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s Director of Finance and assisting the team with fundraising efforts. Annie’s background and leadership will be an asset to the team for this season. Second, Hana Thompson will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s Director of Events and Game Day Operations. Much like Annie, Hana’s background in event planning and operations will be an important piece to making the organization operate to its full potential this year. Third, Selby Ginis will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s Photographer. Selby will be a unique addition to the Bobcats as her skills in photography will be utilized to assist the team’s social media and marketing presence. Last but not least Jacob Hack will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s Media Relations Coordinator. Jacob will be assisting with the Bobcats website, adding game recaps, player interviews, social media updates and will be pursuing the team’s ability to live stream games. Jacob will be a great asset for communicating information to the team’s fans and growing a larger following.

Now we would like to profile each of the new members of the Bobcat Hockey family.

Annie Weber – Director of Finance

Annie will be joining the Bobcats this season as the team’s director of finance. Annie is majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Finance. She just started her junior year this past Summer, while also working an internship with the Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball team. Annie’s currently on the executive board of OHIO Women in Business as VP of Logistics. She is an active member of the Sigma Alpha Sigma Mu (Sports Management Fraternity) and an active member of The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement. Annie is also a Student Event Manager for Transportation and Parking and a server at Bob Evans. She is from Cleveland, Ohio and played rugby for two years and competitive volleyball for 6 years. Unfortunately, Annie had to end both sports due to injuries and time commitment but she continued to assist coaching rugby at her high school (Mayfield High School). Annie’s freshman year was spent attending Kent State University to commute from home while completing as many general education courses as she could. Once her mother’s medical state was better, along with declaring her major to Sports Management, Annie knew the perfect fit was Ohio University. When asked why Annie chose to attend Ohio University, her response was, “I chose Ohio University because it’s the second best Sports Management school in the country, along with everything else OU has to offer. I’ve never been able to call another place home until I arrived in Athens, OH. I lived here all of June, July and now August and can’t wait for Fall and Spring semester. OU is my primary home and it truly feels like home.” Annie is a part of a business club, leadership club and a sports management fraternity. She has chosen to be a part of these various organizations because they express everything she is passionate about, while allowing her to meet others who share similar passions. When asked what interested Annie about assisting the Bobcats, Annie replied, “I was interested in being a part of Ohio University Division Two Hockey because all my life I have either worked or played sports. I have never volunteered at a program and this opportunity is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a chance to understand hockey on the financial side of the business and this is the perfect stepping stone for me. While I have been extremely busy with school and other organizations, I now have the time to focus on this project and I’m very excited to see how we can shape Ohio University Division Two Hockey!”

Hana Thompson – Director of Events and Game Day Operations

Hana will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s director of events and game day operations. Hana is entering her junior year at Ohio University pursuing a degree in Event Planning and Design with a Business Administration minor. Hana is the current VP of Communications for International Business Society, an active member of OHIO Women in Business and an active member of American Marketing Association. In addition to her campus involvement, Hana is a supervisor at the OU Golf and Tennis Center, as well as the social media and web content manager for the Provost’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Hana is originally from California but spent the majority of her adolescence in Athens, Ohio. Hana played soccer and ran track at Athens High School and throughout her high school career, she swore that she would never attend Ohio University and actually committed to go to another school. To our benefit, before Hana’s freshman year began she made the decision to enroll at Ohio University and she states, “It has been such a good choice. Between the great people I have met and the wonderful faculty who have helped me get involved and grow as a person and a student, I feel as though I have received a one of kind experience that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain at any other school.” Now, Hana is excited to be working with the Ohio University Division Two Hockey program. When asked what made her excited about this opportunity she said, “I have always loved playing sports and now I have the opportunity to work directly with a college level sports team and experience the managerial side of things. I can’t wait to learn and grow as I work with the team at Bird Arena and see what the upcoming months hold!”

Selby Ginis – Team Photographer

Selby will be joining the Bobcats as the team photographer. Selby is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. This coming year Selby will be a sophomore at Ohio University majoring in Photo-Journalism. She chose Ohio University because of the well-known Scripps College and Photo-Journalism major offered. When asked about her freshmen year experience Selby said, “I had an unforgettable first year at Ohio University and wouldn’t trade my freshman experience at Ohio University for anything.” Selby’s interests include photography and dance. While Selby was in high school she worked and danced at a studio back home, in Cleveland. When Selby was asked why she was interested in being involved with the Bobcats, She replied, “I became involved with this program because I believe that it can be a great learning experience for me. I believe that any opportunity to practice photography and build my portfolio is an experience that will give me the skills I need for my future career.”

Jacob Hack – Media Relations Coordinator

Jacob will be joining the Bobcats as the team’s media relations coordinator. Jacob will be attending Ohio University as a Freshmen this year and has been accepted into Scripps Journalism School. Jacob is from Grafton, Ohio which is just west of Cleveland and attended Midview High School. When asked why Jacob chose Ohio University, Jacob stated, “I chose Ohio University because of the beautiful campus, rich history, school pride from current students and the alumni, and because of the prestigious name of Ohio University and excellence of the Scripps Journalism School.” When asked what made Jacob want to be involved with the Bobcats, Jacob replied, “I wanted to get involved with the Ohio Hockey Program because of my love for the game of hockey and because of its great traditions of the program, annually being one of the best in the ACHA.”

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