2nd Annual EYH Skate

Ohio University's Department of Recreation Management, Ohio Hockey, Ohio Synchronized Skating, Bird Arena and the Expanding YOUR Horizons organization collaborated to create an inclusive event for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. The event was designed to give the Expanding YOUR Horizons participants a new and different experience within the recreation field.

Head coach, Philip Oberlin had this to say regarding the event, “The event was a great experience for all involved. We were able to include everyone in all activities on and off the ice. This was the second year we’ve been fortunate enough to work with EYH and assist with the event. EYH always supports Ohio Hockey by attending multiple games a year and as part of the Ohio University and Athens community we have to find ways to give back.”

The Ohio DI and DII Hockey players assisted EYH members with shooting, passing and skating, along with demonstrating a few drills. The Ohio Synchronized Skating team also assisted with skating and gave a demonstration of their routine. Provided off the ice were board games, card games and tours of the locker rooms for those who chose not to venture onto the ice.

As the music played and the group skated, showing off their abilities on the frozen surface, it was hard not think that this is what makes Bird Arena and all programs involved a special place.

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